how to squash common negative thought patterns

How To Squash Common Negative Thought Patterns In 5 Ways

The mind is such a powerful tool that whatever we feed it, it projects right back to us. Thoughts swirl around our minds every minute, some are positive thoughts while some are negative thoughts. But at the end of the day, these thoughts are ours.

Having a negative thought here and there isn’t bad, but letting that negative thought linger and influence how you perceive things in life can diminish the quality of your life.

The most resilient people can get dragged down by too much negativity because negative thinking patterns are so insidious. Over time, they erode our self-confidence until we start second-guessing everything we do.

The most effective way to handle negative thoughts before they can become self-destructive is by heading them off. But how can one avoid having such thoughts? You need to identify what triggers these thoughts and then proceed to fix them.

That’s why in today’s blog post we’d be discussing how to squash common negative thought patterns.

How To Squash Common Negative Thought Patterns

How To Squash Common Negative Thought Patterns In 5 Ways:

1. Get into your body:

First things first, get out of your head and into your body. Exercise, meditate, practice yoga, or practice staying still. You can’t think your way out of negative thought patterns, especially as these thoughts come out of nowhere at the oddest times.

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2. Learn about habitual thinking patterns:

Self-awareness is pretty important at this stage. The more aware you become of how your mind works, how these habits are formed, and how you can change them, you begin to improve. Remember, you can’t think your way out of these. You have to make a conscious effort to do better.

3. See negative thought patterns as teachable moments:

While negative thoughts are indigenous to being human, they only become detrimental to us when we let them dominate our mental state. The next time you have a negative thought, try asking this question – “what are you here to teach me?”

4. Turn the negative thought into a positive one:

Remember the mind is a powerful tool right? Exactly! When next you think something negative about yourself, counter that thought with a positive one. For example, if you think “I’m such an idiot” counter it and say to yourself “I’m such a brilliant person”. This takes practice, daily practice for it to stick in your subconscious.

5. Be mindful of the content you consume:

This is a powerful one. Most times, we aren’t aware of how things we watch, listen, or talk about gradually imprint into our subconscious minds. The more negative content you consume, the more negative content you’ll let out. It’s important to work on what we consume to enable us to squash these common negative thought patterns.

Conclusion In How To Squash Common Negative Thought Patterns In 5 Ways: :

It’s easier to start seeing more positivity in your life once you know how to squash negative thought patterns. Become more aware of your thoughts and you’re on your path to a colorful life.


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