Real Estate: The Crypto You Should Invest In

You don’t have to buy the dip or stay glued on your computer waiting for the red lines to turn green: one of the many reasons why real estate is the crypto you should invest in.

Contrary to popular belief, real estate investment is not only for the rich or famous people. Even with a small down payment, anyone can begin the journey of owning a property -with proper research and the right organization to guide you through the process.
If you’re looking to diversify your investments, grow your portfolio, enjoy cash flow, etc. you should keep reading because I’ll be sharing a few reasons why you should invest in real estate.

Why Real Estate is the Crypto you should Invest in:

1) Real Estate Is A Tangible Asset:

Unlike stock or crypto which are intangible assets, all you have to show for your investment is a piece of paper or an online account. If the market crashes, your piece of paper could be worth next to nothing because you don’t have full ownership. Real estate is a tangible asset because you can see your investment, the property.

Side note: Having different forms of investment is advisable, do not put all your eggs in one basket.


Real Estate: The Crypto You Should Invest In

2) You can earn regular cash flow:

If you buy and hold real estate, you can earn cash flow renting it out. Since you aren’t relying solely on the appreciation but the rental income, this increases the profits from owning real estate.

Side note: Being a landlord might not be as glamorous as it sounds, it is important to work with trusted agents or organizations to avoid getting overwhelmed.

3) It can be passed down through generations:

Because real estate is a tangible investment, it is one of the easiest assets to pass down through generations. You can always leave your properties in your will for your children.

Side note: A good property investment with proper maintenance is a great inheritance.

4) Real estate appreciates:

In real estate, while your asset appreciates naturally and in time, you can also force appreciation. By renovating your property and bringing it up to modern standards, you are indirectly raising your selling price and the property value. Forced appreciation is the revenue that can be made from the money you put in.

Side note: While it may be tempting to force appreciation of your assets, always do your market research and bear in mind it might not go as planned too.

5) It can be a hedge against inflation:

Your rental income and property value increase significantly with high inflation. Investing in real estate is a way of hedging against inflation because as the cost of living goes up, so will your cash flow.
Real estate investment is one of the best asset classes out there because year in year out it yields some of the highest returns in any portfolio.

Want to know more on why real estate is the crypto you should invest in? Talk to our investment advisors.

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