5 Ways To Break Out Of Poverty, The 6th Will Set You Free

Whether poverty is inherited from generation to generation, the inequality between the haves and have-nots is quite devastating and that’s why the need to take back control and better their financial situation keeps many people awake at night.

Building wealth and overcoming poverty can be overwhelming no matter who you are, but it’s very possible. There are important things to do to take back control of your financial situation and breakout of the poverty cycle.

That’s why in this post, we’d be sharing 5 ways to break out of poverty, keep reading because the 6th way will set you free:

1. Educate Yourself:

Many schools do not teach financial literacy, and this is very important if you intend to break out of poverty. Arming yourself with knowledge is sometimes the best defense because the less you know, the more susceptible you are to being taken advantage of.

Basic things to understand for starters in ways to break out of poverty:

•Financial literacy
•The various financial investment options / How credit and loans works.
• Advantages and disadvantages of taking loans.
• Your financial rights in banking.

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2. Change Your Mindset Towards Money:

It takes 20% skill and 80% behaviour and mindset when it comes to improving your finances and achieving financial wellness.

If you’re interested in changing your mindset towards money and breaking out of poverty, you need to first take a moment to assess where you’re coming from and where you stand currently with your mindset.

Some important questions to ask yourself:
• What spending habits did you inherit from your parents? Did you inherit your spending habits from your parents?
• How were you raised with money?
• Do you know what your money trigger is? Sales? Receiving a raise? Have an extra source of income?
• What kind of friends or relationships do you have? Does it affect your saving or investment goals?
It is important to ask yourself these questions and answer honestly. It first starts with being honest with yourself.

ways to break out of poverty

3. Talk To Someone You Trust:

Talking about money with loved ones or trusted acquaintances can be awkward most of the time, but when trying to fix your finances and breakout from poverty it’s advisable to speak to someone who has their financial life properly managed to mentor or guide you through the process.

Ask them how they did it, what mistakes they made and how they got back on track.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away:

If your intuition is telling you to walk away from a financial institution or you have a bad feeling, or something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to walk away.

There are various financial institutions, do proper research and be okay before you commit to any institution.

5. Pay Your Debt And Get On The Pathway To Breakout Of Poverty:

Breaking out from the cycle of poverty is only possible if you can track your debt and find out what triggers you into going into debt. It is important to find a strategy that lets you pay out your debts to enable you start your journey towards financial freedom.

6. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others – This is one of the many important ways to break out of poverty:

When it comes to ways to break out of poverty, you have to stop looking at what your neighbors, colleagues, friends, or even siblings have. Don’t let what property they own or don’t own define your worth, everyone is on a different timeline and journey.

It’s advisable to not try to keep up with what other people do, don’t compete especially when you aren’t on same financial status as the people. Stop trying to impress people who don’t care so much about you.

This is a good time to start taking control of your finances and learn how to transform your mindset, create goals and set realistic budgets.

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