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Plot 1357, Jean Edward Nnadi Crescent, Guzape, Abuja

Golf Garden

Central Gas System

Central Water Heater

Pre-Wired Smart Home


Solar Water Heating


Swimming Pool

Biometric Security

Central Air Condtioning

Ample Car Park

Prime Location

Uninterruptible Power

Antlia by ChaviD is the very definition of an architectural opulence. Antlia is sitting on approximately 3,000sqm, situated in a prime location of Guzape District. 

Consists of a total of 7 Units of our Gouldian-Finch house type (4 Bedroom Townhouse “Terrace”+ BQ) and 1 Unit of our Quetzal house type (7 Bedroom Villa + BQ) With a world class Golf ⛳️ Garden, Swimming Pool, Solar powered water heating system, central gas system, fiber-to-the-home and numerous Estate Amenities.


  • NCBN Headquarters
  • Myra Event Centre

  • Channels Television

  • Pacesetters Academy

  • IBB Golf Course


Where is the Antlia By ChaviD situated?

The Antlia By ChaviD is situated in the highbrow area of Guzape District, Abuja 

Who is the developer of the ANTLIA?

ChaviD Properties Limited; a Dominant player in the Nigerian Real Estate industry is the developer of ANTLIA

What title does ANTLIA have?

Certificate of Ownership “C of O”

Is there any encumbrance on the land?

The land is free from every government known acquisition, interest, and claim.

What House Types are in ANTLIA?

4 Bedroom Townhouse + BQ & 7 Bedroom Villa + BQ

What are the facilities available at ANTLIA?

- Golf Garden

- Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH)

- Swimming Pool

- Central water heating system

- Central Gas System

- Fully pre-wired smart home features

- Solar Powered water heating system

- High Tech security with biometric access control - Uninterrupted power supply

- Central air conditioning (optional)

- CCTV with (AI) capabilities

- Ample Car Park 

What is the initial deposit?


What do I get after my initial deposit?

You get an offer letter, a receipt for the payment of the initial deposit, and the contract of sale agreement once payment has been confirmed.

What are the prices of the House types in ANTLIA?

See attached e-flyer for the prices of the various house types.

What do I get after completing all payments?

Once all payments due are completed, you get your receipts as well as a Provisional Letter of Allocation upon request. 

What other payments do I need to make apart from the payment of the apartment?
  1. Documentation fee (Legal fee): 5% of the purchase price.
  2. Service charge: The value of which shall be subsequently communicated to the Purchaser 
When do I pay the other charges?
  1. The Documentation fee should be paid after the purchase price for the Unit has been completed. 
  2. The Service Charge will be paid once the purchaser takes possession of the Unit 
What happens if I don't make the necessary instalment payments as at when due?
  1. 5% of the outstanding balance from the total purchase price shall be added as default fees on the outstanding balance for every month a default occurs.
  2. The Service Charge will be paid once the purchaser takes possession of the Unit 
Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance any time within the duration of the transaction?

Every Subscriber/Purchaser is expected to pay an initial deposit as specified in the e-flyer. Depending on the payment plan chosen by the subscriber, he/she will be expected to pay a particular sum in instalments as specified in his/her Contract of Sales Agreement and the payment structure attached within the e-flyer. 

What are the notable landmarks close to ANTLIA?
  • NCBN Headquarters
  • Myra Event Centre
  • Channels Television
  • Pacesetters Academy
  • IBB Golf Course
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