how to own a home in Nigeria through a mortgage

How To Own A Home In Nigeria Through A Mortgage

Due to the heavy inflation rate, lack of accountability, government policies, etc., the average Nigerian dream of owning a home is slimmer by the day.

Compared to the homeownership in the United States and the United Kingdom at 72% and 78% respectively, homeownership in Nigeria is 10%. The high construction cost of properties has made it quite difficult for low and middle-class families to purchase a home.

Because of the large funds provided, a mortgage is applied by both real estate developers and investors.

In this post, we’d be discussing how to own a home in Nigeria through a mortgage.

Some requirements to get a mortgage in Nigeria:

  1. Existing debt profile
  2. Monthly income
  3. The value of the property you want to be financed
  4. Monthly expenditure
  5. Most importantly, find out if a mortgage is something you can afford

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how to own a home in Nigeria through a mortgage

The process of getting a mortgage to own a home in Nigeria

1. Save a deposit
2. Check for house buying schemes
3. The ability to repay the loan will be put into consideration
4. Look at properties within your budget
5. Obtain a mortgage loan

We have a good number of qualified mortgage banks in Nigeria accredited by the Central Bank to disburse National Housing Fund (NHF) loans.

The NHF is a scheme for Nigerian workers to enable them access flexible financing to purchase a home. The scheme was set up by the federal government and funds are disbursed by the Bank (FMBN).

Important documents required to apply for an NHF loan:

1. A completed application form
2. Photocopy of title documents
3. The current valuation report on proposed property one is buying.
4. Tax clearance certificate for 3 years
5. Evidence of NHF participation with a minimum of 6 months
6. Copy of pay-slips for the previous 3 months
7. Equity contribution

It’s important to know the repayment method for NHF, the loans are repaid monthly from the salaries or income of the beneficiaries.

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