Investing In Nigeria Real Estate 101

When something has a worthy value, no matter how expensive it might be we find a way around getting it.

That’s exactly what real estate investment is, something of a worthy value worth investing in. 

Real estate investment in Nigeria has various opportunities to gain a financial cushion and build wealth.

Most importantly, to avoid making mistakes, it is advisable to do proper research and learn about the legal aspects of real estate before you make any investments. 

How To Invest In Real Estate In Nigeria:

1. Do your research 

Once you’re interested in real estate investment in Nigeria, the first thing to do is proper research.

There are great platforms to find the information you need, including the mass media, online and around you.

Take advantage of all the information you can get about investing in real estate in Nigeria.

2. Decide on the specific property market to invest in 

What are your investment goals? Depending on your goals, pick a sector that will benefit you more. It could be office, industrial property, retail centers, or residential units.

Investing in residential may not be for you if you’re looking at instant returns.

3. Identify booming real estate markets

If you’ve identified residential real estate as your interest market, you may consider looking into areas with infrastructure development and invest in properties around such areas.

4. Decide on your source for finances

Your source of finance may vary depending on where you are in life.

In other words, it could be from friends and family or financial institutions or even yourself.

Whatever the source may be, do well to have enough money to see your real estate investment through. 

Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

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5. Know the Law For Real Estate Investment in Nigeria

Before going into real estate investment in Nigeria, get familiar with the laws especially on being a property owner.

For instance, the 1978 Land Use Act gives state governments authority over land within their borders.

This can be availed to you as an individual after an intricate and bureaucratic process after which you’ll receive a certificate of occupancy to use the land. 

To avoid stories, do your research.

6. Look to the future

When it comes to real estate investment, don’t be shortsighted because it’s benefit is long term.

Don’t be quick to get returns on your investment, give it some time to appreciate. As the location or area develops or expands, the interest in your property multiplies too.

7. Online Marketing

The internet is a powerful tool these days, do not ignore it. It could be by having a website or a social media presence, the internet is a great source to drive traffic and attention to you if you want to attract buyers and sellers.

Conclusion On Real Estate Investment in Nigeria:

In conclusion, the best decisions you make should be in your interest and the investor’s in real estate investment in Nigeria.

Above all, it is important to also consider your time and capital in all these. 

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